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The Light Within - Lullabies for the Heart:  $12.50

Our first CD "The Light Within-Lullabies for the Heart" which is a collection of mildly metaphysical lullabies for people of all ages. This CD reminds us "You are wonderful, so precious and so rare. Every time I look at you, this joy's beyond compare." Children can fall asleep hearing positive messages and adults can experience the connection of all mankind through creations hand.

  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep    (S. Lotten)
  • Safe In Your Dreams    (S. Lotten)
  • Plant Little Seeds    (McCormick/Lotten)
  • The Light Within    (S. Lotten)
  • Always    (I. Berlin)
  • I Hope You Remember    (S. Lotten)
  • Sydney's Song    (D. Smith)
  • Instrumental    (S. Lotten)
  • In The Silence (S. Lotten)
  • Sleep With Angels    (S. Lotten)
  • All Is Well    (S. Lotten)

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